Bente Maria Alfiva Johnsen

Born 23.01.1852 at Valla, and baptised 08.05 the same year at the church of Meløy. Died 17.11.1940, 88 years old. At the census in 1865 she lived at her brother, Elling´s farm Øvre Valla together with her mother and her sister Sofie. Married 23.04. 1876 at the church of Meløy to her relative Hans Jørgen Mathisen, born 10.05. 1846 at Bjærangen and baptised 05.07 the same year at the church of Meløy.
At the 1865 census he is19 years old and is helping his parents at their farm Bjærangen. They have two horses, 11 cows, 30 sheep, 11 goats and a pig. They are sowing 2 ½ barrels of barley, ½ barrel oats and are planting 4 ¼ barrels of potatoes. At the farm is also his elder brother Nils, his sisters Tomine and Hanna, a maid and a foster sister. Hanna is married and have a two year old son. A fisherman and his wife are renting a room. They have a four month old child.
Hans Jørgen was a skipper and together with Bente he ran the farm Landmark, a part of Øvre Valla. Hans Jørgen died 03.06.1928. He was the son of farmer Mathias Andreas Hermansen, born 1812 at Lunderøy in Lurøy and his wife Anne Lucia Jacobsdatter Schønning, born 1811. Mathias and Anne married 18.10.1840.
At the census of 1875 Bente and Hans Jørgen are living at Øvre Valla. She as maid and he as fisherman.
Children of Bente Maria Alfida Johnsen and Hans Jørgen Mathisen.
1. John Ditlef Holberg Mathisen Landmark, b.1877 at Meløy, d.1961. Married to Olfrid Kjølhaug, b.1892. No children.
2. Anne Mathilde Mathiesen, b.1879 at Valla, d.1907. Married to Theodor Nickolai Peder Westberg, b.1872, d.1962. 4 children.
3. Ingeborg Eline Mathiesen, b.1881 at Valla, d. ? Married to Vilhelm Joakimsen, b.1878 at Nord-Arnøy in Gildeskål, d. ? No children.
4. Hans Bernhard Mathiesen Landmark,b.1883 at Landmark, Valla, d. ? Married to Lisa (Lizzie) Jacobsen Bye, b.1883 at Stoney Run Township, Yellow Medictne County, Minnesota, d. ? 4 children.
5. Helga Iverine Mathiesen Landmark,b.1886 at Valla, d.1969 in Oslo. Unmarried.
Grandchildren of Bente Maria Alfida Johnsen and Hans Jørgen Mathisen.
Children of Anne Mathilde Mathiesen and Theodor Nickolai Peder Westberg.
1. Agnes Dorothea Westberg,b.1900 at Valla in Meløy, d. ? Married to Peter Amandus Thor, b.1892 at Lappland, Sweden, d. ? 1 child.
2. Bjarne Haakon Westberg, b.1902 at Valla in Meløy, d.1999 at Hennepin County, Minneapolis. Married 1. time to Gunvor Kristine Hanseth, b.1910 in Trondheim, d.1952 at Hennepin County.
3 children.
Married 2. time to his relative Solveig Bergljot Samuelsen, b.1909 in Viking.
3. Klara Andrea Marie Westberg,b.1904 at Valla in Meløy, d. ? Unmarried.
4. Ester Oline Birgitte Westberg, b.1906 at Valla, d. ? Unmarried.
Children of Hans Bernhard Mathiesen Landmark and Lisa Jacobsen Bye.
1. Olive Konstance Landmark,b.1912 in Montevideo, Minnesota, d.1988 at Hennepin County, Minnesota. Married to Peter Ingvald Espeseth, b.1904 at Milada, Minnesota, d.1980 at Hennepin County, Minnesota. 1 child.
2. Henry Bernhard Landmark, b.1914 at Clarkfield, Minnesota, d.1954. Married to Agnes (Peggy)Isabelle Campbell, b.1912. 3 children.
3. Erling Halvdan Landmark,b.1918 at Clarkfield, d.1922.
4. Lorraine Henriette Landmark,b.1923 in Minneapolis. Married to Clarence E. Janke, b. 1913.
The next generation is the 8 great grandchildren of Bente and Hans Jørgen. They are born between 1930 and 1944.
New surnames in the family: Thor, Espeseth and Janke.
The next generation is the 16 great great grandchildren of Bente and Hans Jørgen. They are born between 1954 and 1969.
New surnames in the family: Psihos, Johnson, Eskuri and Wacksmuth.
The next generation is the 12 great great great grandchildren of Bente and Hans Jørgen. They are born between 1977 and 1991.
New surnames in the family: Mendelle, Behl and Ramsdell
There is no information about the next generation.
Strange letters:
Æ-æ is pronounced as a in bad, Ø-ø as u in under and Å-å as o in pork.

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