and how it’s connected to Giskeætta and Suderheimætta.

A Griff is the symbol for Troms County. ”Stolen” from the Bjarkøy Family`s Coat of Arms and Seal

Bjarkøyætta is a Norwegian ”høvdingeætt” (family of chieftains) at Hålogaland and a ”lendmannsslekt” (the lendmann was representing the king in a certain region) in the Middle Age. Their resident was at Bjarkøya in Troms. Gradually they expanded, and owned farms many places in Norway. The family is divided in an elder and a younger part.

The eldest known in the family is Tore of Bjarkøy who was burned to death together with Harald Grenske (father to Olav Haraldsson, known as St. Olav). Sons of Tore was Sigurd Toresson of Trondenes, south of Bjarkøy, and Tore Hund of Bjarkøy, one of the leaders in the revolt against King Olav Haraldsson (St.Olav) and the one that gave him the death blow at the battle of Stiklestad in 1030. Nephew of Tore, Asbjørn Selsbane was killed in 1024 by one of the kings men with the same spear that Tore used to kill St. Olav. For that reason it’s called ”Selshevneren” (Sel`s revenge).

Son of Tore Hund, Sigurd Toresson of Bjarkøy didn’t have any sons, but his daughter, Ragnhild Sigurdsdatter was married to Jon Arnesson of Giske, son of Arne Arnesson. Jon was a descendant of Erling Skjalgsson of Sola and Astrid Tryggvesdatter, sister of King Olav Tryggvasson. Ragnhild and Jon had a son, Vidkun Jonsson of Bjarkøy attended in King Magnus Berrføtts army in Ireland. Son of Sigurd Jorsalfares, Magnus was raised by Vidkun of Bjarkøy.

The younger part of the family are descendants of Ragna, the sister of Vidkun Erlingsson. Ragna was married to Bjarne Mårdsson, ”Lagmann” (chief judge) in Hålogaland. ”Lendmann” Erling Ivarsson of Bjarkøy

attended the army against Scotland in 1263-64. He had two sons, Baron Bjarne Erlingsson (d.1313) and Knight Vidkun Erlingsson (d.1312). Vidkun`s son, Erling Vidkunsson, had a daughter, Ingebjørg Erlingsdatter. She was married to Sigurd Haftorsson of Sudreim. From now on the Bjarkøy Family’s property belonged to the Sudreim Family (Sudreimsætta).


The Bjarkøy Family had a griff (fantasy animal, combination of an eagle and a lion) as the central figure in their Coat of Arms and Seal.
Norway is divided in 20 counties, The county of Troms use the griff from the Bjarøy Family as logo.
Strange letters:
Æ-æ is pronounced as a in bad
Ø-ø is pronounced as u in under
Å-å is pronounced as o in pork

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