Christine Eline Paasche Johnsen

Born 16.09. 1833 at Valla, baptised 27.10.1833 and confirmed 17.09. 1848 at Meløy. Died 20.12.1906 at Hendrum, Minnesota. Married 02.09. 1860 at the church of Meløy to Andreas Michael Pedersen, born 1828 at Grønøy in Meløy. Son of Peder Andersen, born at the farm Meløysund and baptised in the church of Meløy 15.07. 1798. Peder wrecked his boat and drowned 20.01. 1842. Andreas`s mother was Anne Birgithe Gabrielsdatter from Øvre Halsa.
At the census in1865 Christine and Andreas lives at the farm Jenslund in Meløy. There are 19 people at the farm and they have a horse, 8 cows, 16 sheep, 8 goats and two pigs. They sow 2 ¼ barrels of barley and plants 4 ½ barrels of potatoes. They have four children between 1 and 7 years. There are six servants; four boys and two girls, all between 12 and 25 years old. They also have room for two fishermen.
At the census in 1875 the family lives at Meløysund. They own the farm and beside farming Andreas is fishing. All their nine children are now born, and are between 2 and 17 years old, (one boy died in 1871, just one year old). The three oldest are helping their parents at the farm. They have 12 cows and 2 sheep, are sowing ½ barrel of barley and planting 2 barrels of potatoes. They don’t have any servants, but a 44 year old fisherman is living with them.
The life at Meløysund must have been pretty hard, no wonder that a better life in America came to their minds. As many others they decided to seek the luck at the other side of the Atlantic.
The family emigrated in two groups, first Andreas (53) with five children; Julie Emilie (23), Ane Hansine (18), John Albinus (16), Birgitte Johanne (9) and Mathilde Kanutte (7). They sailed from Trondheim 14.07. 1881 with the Anker Line steamship ”Tasso”. Their goal was Fargo, Dakota and they paid 220,60 Norwegian Crowns each. Christine (48), with the rest of the children; Johanna Dorthea (21), Anna Christine (14) and Peder Gunnerius (15) sailed from Trondheim 10.05.1882. Their goal was Ada, Minnesota and the ticket was paid for in America..
Children of Christine Eline Paasche Johnsen and Andreas Michael Pedersen.
1. Julie Emilie Pedersen,b.1858 at Meløy, d. before 1895 at Greenbush, Minnesota. Married 1. time with Lars Moe. Married 2. time with M. Mattson at Greenbush, Minnesota. 6 children.
2. Johanna Dorthea Pedersen, b.1861 at Meløy, d.1942 at Pasco, Washington. Married to Napoleon Verville. No children.
3. Ane Hansine Pedersen, b.1863 at Meløy, d.1941. Married to Nels Moe, b.1861, d.1931 at Grygla, Minnesota. 10 children.
4. John Albinus Hilleberg Pedersen, b.1865 at Jenslund. He was married and it is known that he had two sons. No further information.
5. Johan Cornelius Adolf Pedersen, b.1870, d.1871.
6. Peder Gunnerius Pedersen, b.1866 at Meløy, d. unmarried 1934 at Moorhead, Minnesota.
7. Anna Christine Pedersen, b.1868 at Meløy, d.1949 at Moorhead, Minnesota. Married 1899 to Ole Fredrickson, d.1914. No children.
8. Birgitte Johanne Pedersen,b.1872 at Meløy, d.1949 at Moorhead, Minnesota. Married to George Thompson, d.1954. 5 children.
9. Mathilde Kanutte Pedersen,b.1874 at Meløy, d.1954 at Moorhead, Minnesota. Married 1. time to Isach F. Anderson, b.1867, d.1899. Married 2. time 1909 to George Weber Reed, b.1858, d.1928.
No children.
Grandchildren of Christine Eline Paasche Johnsen and Andreas Michael Pedersen.
Children of Julie Emilie Pedersen and Lars Moe.
1. Alex Moe. No further information.
2. Conrad Moe. No further information.
3. Peter Moe. No further information.
4. Andrew Moe. No further information.
5. Margaret Moe, lived in Montana, was married and had two children. No further information.
6. Alma Moe, b.1885, d.1976 buried at Moorhead, Minnesota. It seems like she didn’t die in Minnesota or North Dakota, though. Gift to William Wagner, b.1851 in Pennsylvania, d.1934 at Fargo, North Dakota and buried at Moorhead. 2 children.
Children of Ane Hansine Pedersen and Nels Moe
1. Laura Josephine Moe, b.1883 at Norman County, Ada, Minnesota. Married to Albert Rohrer, b.1878, d.1938. 3 children.
2. Andrew Moe, d.1884.
3 Magda Katrine Moe,b.1886 at Ada, d.1975. Married to Arne O. Blakkestad, b.1869 at Hallingdal, Norway, d.1936. 6 children.
4. Adolph Christian Moe,b.1888, d.1956. Unmarried.
5. Albert Casper Moe,b.1890 at Norman County. Married to Emma E. Cuno, b.1909 at Grygla.
8 children.
6. Nora Annette Moe,b.1892. Married to Joseph Lardy, d.1954. 3 children.
7. Philip Simon Moe, b.1896. Unmarried and lived in Minneapolis.
8. Norma Johanna Moe, b.1899 at Gary, Minnesota, d.1988 at St. Paul, Minnesota. Married to Torgeir O. Lien, b.1883 at Bygland, Setesdalen, Norway, d.1968 at Oklee. 2 children.
9. Mable Olga Moe,b.1902 at Germantown, Minnesota, d.1964. Married to mailman Elmer Sylvan Hylland, b.1897 at Forest City, Iowa.   2 children.
10. Ivan Milton Moe, b.1906. Married to Ida Anderson, b.1904.
Children of Birgitte Johanne Pedersen and George Thompson.
1. Jenny Thompson, b.1890, d.1949. Married Eugene Julian Fortin, b.1888, d.1929.
5 children.
2. Lilly Gertrud Thompson, b.1892, d.1894.
3. Georg J. Thompson jr.,b.1894. Married to Susan A. McKinsy. 1 child.
4. Alice C. Thompson,b.1898, d.1988. Married to Jay H. Murray, b.1899, d.1975.
2 children.
5 Lillian Thompson, b.1900. Married to Gerhard M. Shold. 1 child.
The next generation is the 37 great grandchildren of Christine and Andreas. They are born between 1903 and 1945. For two of them we have no information.
New surnames in the family: Wagner, Rohrer, Blackestad, Blakkestad, Blacksted, Lardy, Lien, Hylland, Fortin, Murray and Shold.
The next generation is the 66 great great grandchildren of Christine and Andreas. They are born between 1927 and 1979.
New surnames in the family: Bagne, Geving, Drangstveit, Diesen, Anderson, Marquis, Carlson, Ruhland, Spanno, Braddock, Stilwell, West, Sweeney, Gillespie, Phillips and Herringer.
The next generation is the 61 great great great grandchildren of Christine and Andreas. They are born between 1953 and 1999.
New surnames in the family: Delano, Kidd, Adolphson, Loeslie, Dagoberg, Paulson, Witham, Giordano, Quam, Kjelland, Roen, Holthausen, Wiskow, Caiwell, Erickson, Fallyn, Girado, Crosby, Berg, Silke, Lauden and Wayne.
The next generation is born after 1989.
We know of 5 of their great great great great grandchildren.
New surname in the family: Heegeman.
Strange letters:
Æ-æ is pronounced as a in bad, Ø-ø as u in under and Å-å as o in pork.

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