Elling Olai Jensenius Dahl Johnsen

Born 29.04. 1841, baptized at home 16.06., the baptizing confirmed at the church of Meløy 27.06. the same year. Conf. 21.06. 1857, died 28.08. 1878, and was buried the same year at Meløy – 37 years old.
Married 1.time 31.12. 1860 at Meløy with Karen Anna Larsdatter, born 1843 at the farm Rørvik in Vågan, Lofoten. She died 07.10. 1873 at Valla and was buried 02.11. the same year in Meløy. She was the daughter of Lars Olsen Rørvik and Marta Evensdatter. Elling was 19 and Karen Anna just 17 when they married. Elling got Øvre Valla (Valle) when his father died in 1860. At the census 1865 there is a large household at Øvre Valla, 26 persons lives at the farm. Elling is 24 and Karen 22, and their two daughters, Helena and Maria are 1 and 2 years old respectively. Elling´s mother, Dorothea (53), his sisters Sofie (22) and Bente (14) and his parents-in-law are also a part of the household. Three fishermen and a tailor are renting a room, one of them with his wife and a one year old daughter. They have ten servants, 6 female and 4 male. They are between 8 and 33 years old. They also have a 5 years old foster daughter.
They have 2 horses, 16 cows, 29 sheep, a goat and a pig. They sow 1/16 barrels of rye, 1 barrel of oat,     5 barrels of barley and are planting 15 barrels of potatoes.
Karen died in 1873 when Elling was 32, Maria 10 and Helena 9. Elling and Karen also had a daughter that died just after birth and a son that died four months old.
Elling married 2.time 25.09. 1875 with his second cousin Anne Elisabeth Hvid Tostrup, born 09.05. 1837 at Øra, baptized 28.05 the same year in the church of Meløy. She died of cerebral heamorrhage 10.06. and was buried 19.06. 1909. Anne was 1.time married to Erik Andersen Døsvik (d.1872) and the daughter of John Christian Tostrup, Øra in Meløy (baptized 27.03. 1808, d. 23.09. 1851) and (married 09.11. 1834) Berith Andreasdatter Dahl, born 1807 in Trondheim, d. 26.12. 1894. From her first marriage Anne had the daughters Albertha Christine (9), Hanna Marie (7) and Tora Jonette (5). They used Døsvig Tostrup as surnames. Albertha Christine is the great grandmother of today’s owner of the Benkestok Ring, Solvår Hegge.
At the consensus in 1875 they are 17 persons at the farm. Apart from Elling, Anne and their daughters, Elling´s mother, Dorothea, his mother-in-law from his first marriage, and his sister Bente Marie are still living at the farm. They have three male and four female servants and a fisherman and a skipper are renting rooms.
They have 2 horses, 12 cows, 30 sheep and a pig. They sow 4 barrels of barley, 2 barrels of oat and are planting 12 barrels of potatoes. Compared to 1865 they have less cows, are sowing about the same, but are planting less potatoes. Elling is the owner of a herring seine. This was an expensive tool, but if you were lucky it was possible to make good money on fishing herring. Early at the autumn1878 Elling died, just 37 years old. The church book doesn’t say anything about the cause of death, just that the doctor had been visiting him. After three years of marriage Anne Elisabeth is widowed for the second time, and have the responsibility for seven small girls; Elling´s girls from his first marriage is now 13 and 14, her own daughters from first marriage are 8, 10 and 12 and the girls from her second marriage Anna and Edel. They are 2 years and seven month respectively.
Children of Elling Olai Jensenius Dahl Johnsen and Karen Anna Larsdatter.
1. Maria Magdalena Johnsen, b.1864 at Øvre Valla, d.1886 in Warren, Minnesota. Married to Mathias Albert Tostrup, b.1846 at Øra, Meløy. No children.
2. Helene Johanna Johnsen, b.1865 at Valla, d.1894 in Viking, Minnesota. Married toThomas Loge, b.1859 in Flekkefjord, Norway, d.1913. 6 children.
3. Laura Johanna Johnsen, b. and d.1867.
4. Jonas Ditløv Adolf Johnsen, b. and d.1869.
Children of Elling Olai Jensenius Dahl Johnsen and Anne Elisabeth Hvid Tostrup.
1. Anna Elisabeth Johnsen,b.1876 at Valla, d.1960 in Oslo. Married to Haakon MartinEvjenth, b.1865 in Bodin, d.1934. 2 children
2. Edel Marie Johnsen, b.1878 at Valla, d.1967 in Viking, Minnesota. Married to Christian Severin Samuelsen,b.1875 in Mandal, Norway, d.1925 in Viking. 4 children.
Grandchildren of Elling
Children of Helene Johanna Johnsen and Thomas Loge.
1. Ella Maria Kornelia Loge, b.1886 in Viking, Minnesota. D. in Viking 93 years old. Married to Gustaf Adolph Sustad, b.1876 at Tosse, Dalsland , Sweden, d.1954 in Viking. 4 children.
2. Elise Theresa Loge, b.1887 in Viking. Married to Albert Sigfred Peterson, b.1885 in Viking.
1 child.
3. Conrad Severin Loge, b.1889 in Viking. Married and had two sons in Canada.
4. Harold Tobias Loge, b.1891 in Viking, d.1935 in Minneapolis. Married in 1918 at Gaylord, Minnesota. 2 children.
5. Anna Mathilde Loge,b.1892, d. in childbed fever in January 1917. Married to Helmer Thune, b.1880, d.1940. 4 children.
6. Henry Martin Loge, b. 20.01. 1894. Married and lived in the state of Washington. 3 children.
Children of Anna Elisabeth Johnsen and Haakon Martin Evjenth.
1. Annemarta Evjenth, b.1913 in Bodø. Married to Johan Collett Müller Borgen, b.1902, d.1979 in Oslo. 3 children.
2. Else Evjenth, b.1914, d.1974. Married to Odd Meidell, b.1920 in Bergen, d.1970.
4 children.
Children of Edel Marie Johnsen and Christian Severin Samuelsen.
1. Solveig Bergljot Samuelsen, b.1909 in Viking. Married to her relative Bjarne Håkon Westberg,
b.1902 at Valla, Meløy, Norway.
2. Arne Erling Samuelsen, b.1911 in Viking. Married 1. time to Hildegard Ellevine Petersen, b.1909 in Viking. She died 30 days after giving birth to her second child in1942 in Viking.   2 children.
Married 2. time to Elvira Bollman Carlson, b.1915.
3. Maalfrid Kellrun Samuelsen,b.1913 in Viking, d.1997 in Cadillac, Michigan. Married to ClarinFredrick Fredrickson, b.1918 at Ismay, Montana, d.1980 at Gladstone, Michigan.
2 children.
4. Ingrid Synnøve Samuelsen, b.1916 in Viking. Married to Leo Swan Kurrti, b.1915 at Binford, North Dakota. 4 children.
The next generation is the 29 great grandchildren of Elling. They are born between 1909 and 1957:
New surnames in the family: Sustad, Peterson, Thune, Borgen, Meidell, Westberg, Fredrikson and Kurrti.
The next generation is the 56 great great grandchildren of Elling. They are born between 1933 and1988:
New surnames in the family: Warnes, Uggerud, Alme, Falck, Sidselrud, Kapstad, Buck, Roald, von Antwerp Vogt, Schweitzer, McMartin and Page.
The next generation is the 66 (as far as we know) great great great grandchildren of Elling. They are born between 1959 and 2005.
New surnames in the family: Olson, Bowlby, Danter, Potucek, Smith, Rausch, Cline, Mauritson, Marsh and Sullivan
The next generation is born after 1982.
So far we know about 30 great great great great grandchildren of Elling.
New surnames in the family: Craig Lerud, Wright, Moore, Huus, Swanson, Moen, Bateman, Guenther, Caspersen and Kramer.


Dorothea Michaeline Angell and John Jacobsen have many descendants in the USA, here represented by Dennis Warnes, his wife, children, children-in-law and grandchildren.

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