Ingeborg Margrethe Hvid Johnsen

Born 26.04. 1839, baptized 07.07 the same year. Confirmation 04.07. 1852 at the church of Meløy. She died 13.01. 1873, 32 years old at the farm Saura, and was buried 14.04 the same year at the church of Meløy. Married 02.10.1864 at Meløy with farmer and carpenter Jakob Christian Andreassen, born 21.03. 1834 at Saura in Meløy and baptized 27.04 the same year. Jakob died in 1909. He was the son of Andreas Andersen, Saura (b.1790) and his wife Rachel Lisbeth Olsdatter (b.1788).
At the census of 1865 Ingeborg and Jacob are renting a room at her home place, Øvre Valla together with their one year old daughter, Helmine. Jacob is then a fisherman.
At the census of 1875 Jacob is a widower at the farm Saura. He has four daughters between 4 and 9 years. His sister-in-law, Jacobia Ovidia is his housekeeper.
Jacob has one horse, 5 cows, 21 sheep and a pig. They are sowing 1 barrel of barley, ½ barrel of oats and are planting 4 barrels of potatoes. Beside Jacobia, Jakob and his four daughters, Helmine, Justine, Anna and Ida, there is another housekeeper and servant, Ane Maritsdatter, 20 years old, and the 97 years old widower Herman Josefsen.
Dorthea, daughter of Jacobia is visiting them. She is 12 years old and a maid at Torsvik by her aunt Sofie and uncle Johan Jacob.
Children of Ingeborg Margrethe Hvid Johnsen and Jacob Christian Andreassen.
1. Helmine Maria Andreassen,b.1865 at Valla, d.1921 at Meløy. Married to Aksel KristofferJohannessen Teigland, b.1847 at Tysnes, d.1938. 7 children.
2.Justine Dorthea Andreassen, b.1867 at Valla, d.1899. Unmarried.
3. Anna Johanna Andreassen, b.1869 and baptized 06.06.the same year, d.1907. Married to Elling Nicolai Nilsen, b.1869 at Bolga, d. ? 6 children.
4. Ida Johanna Andreassen, b.1871 at Saura, d.1885.
Grandchildren of Ingeborg Margrethe Hvid Johnsen and Jacob Christian Andreassen.
Children of Helmine Maria Andreassen and Aksel Kristoffer Johannessen Teigland.
1. Aksel Kristoffer Teigland, born in 1891 in Meløy, died in 1963. Gift med Klara Risdal, born, died ?
2. Ingvald Johan Teigland,b.1893 at Meløy, d. ? in Stavanger. Married to Kaia Johannesdatter Ritland, b.1898 at Vikedal, d. ? in Stavanger. 6 children.
3. Henry Aagaard Teigland,b.1896 at Meløy, d.1969 at Meløy. Married to Jenny Marie LarsenBrattøy, b.1907 at Bolga in Meløy, d.2007 at Meløy. 3 children.
4. Dagny Kristine Justine Teigland,b.1899 at Meløy, d. ? in Oslo.
5. Ingeborg Lovise Teigland,b.1901 at Meløy, d. ? in Bergen. Married to Sigurd Martin Olsen, b.1903 in Bergen, d. ?   No children.
6. Edel Marie Teigland,b.1905, d.1981 at Sauda. Married to Peder Skåre, b.1890 at Kvam, Hardanger, d.1979 at Sauda. 4 children.
7. Albert Andreas Teigland,b.1908 at Meløy, d. ? Married to Gerd Lilly Frette, b.1915 in Stavanger, d. ?   No children.
Children of Anna Johanna Andreassen and Elling Nicolai Nilsen.
1. Jakob Kristian Ellingsen,b.1893 at Bolga, Meløy, d. ? Emigrated to America. He use the name Jacob Nelson at the World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918, and live in Nelson County, North Dakota.
2. Nils Elias Ellingsen, b.1895 at Bolga, Meløy, d. ? Emigrated to America. He use the name Nels Elias Nelson at the World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918 , and live in Dawson County, Montana.
3. Harald Bernhard Angell Ellingsen, b.1898 at Bolga , Meløy, d. ?
4. Ingeborg Justine Ellingsen,b.1899 at Brattind, Meløy. Died young – before confirmation.
5. Ella Dorothea Ellingsen,b.1902 at Bolga, Meløy, d. ? Married to Edvin Jørgensen, b.1897, d.1962.
6. Antona Henriette Nilsen, b.1904 at Bolga, conf.1919 at the church of Meløy, d. ? Emigrated to America.
The next generation is the 13 great-grandchildren of Ingeborg and Jacob. They are born between 1922 and 1945.
New surnames in the family: Skåre, Ellingsen and Jørgensen
The next generation is the 24 great-great-grandchildren of Ingeborg and Jacob. They are born between 1946 and 1977.
New surnames in the family: Stang-Marcussen, Knutsen and Solheim.
The next generation is the 29 great-great-great-grandchildren of Ingeborg and Jacob. They are born between 1985 and 2005.
No new surnames so fare.
Nobody registered in the next generation..
Strange letters:
Æ-æ is pronounced as a in bad, Ø-ø as u in under and Å-å as o in pork

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