Jacobia Ovedia Johnsen

Jacobia Ovedia Johnsen
Born 26.04. 1836 at Valla, baptised 15.05 1836, conf. 04.07. 1852 at the church of Meløy. Jacobia died at Åg 27.06, and was buried 08.07.1913, 77 years old. Married 15.07. 1860 at the church of Meløy to farmer, carpenter and fisherman Amund Johnsen, born 14.12.1829 at the farm Fiva, Romsdalen and baptised 01.01. 1830 at the church of Kors. Amund died 16.01. 1869.

The census of 1865 shows that Jacobia and Amund are living at the farm Kjelddal Indre (Kildal) in Meløy. They bought the farm this year at an auction for 50 Speciedale (the value of five cows), though the valuation when the former owner died in 1861 were 240 Speciedaler. They have a horse, 8 cows, 20 sheep, 10 goats and 2 pigs. They are sowing 1 ½ barrels of barley, ¼ barrel of oats, and are planting 6 ½ barrels of potatoes. Amund is also working as a fisherman and a carpenter. They have three servants, a boy at 17, a woman at 39 and a girl at 12. They take care of the couple that have been renting the farm the last years. They are 76 and 70 years old and have a daughter that is 30, and a granddaughter that is10. Totally there are 11 persons at the farm.
They had a good life, Amund was making money both on fishing and carpeting and the farm gave them grain, milk, meat, potatoes, wool etc. Actually they lost their baby boy Johannes in 1865, but they had a daughter in 1867, and in the spring 1868 Jacobia was pregnant with her fifth child. But a day in January 1869 the life was turned upside down. Amund drowned on his way to Lofoten, just 39 years old. Jacobia was 33 years old, pregnant in her eight month and had three children between 2 and 7. In December 1871 the baby boy, Amund died. In spring 1872 the five year old Anna Josefine died of scarlet fiver. Jacobia sold the farm to Benjamin Benjaminsen, and got 400 Speciedaler for it, eight times what they gave just three years earlier. Maybe the explanation is that the family they took care of now have left, and that Amund have restored or built new houses.
In 1875 Jacobia is working as a housekeeper at Jakob Andreassen`s farm, Saura. He was married to Jacobia´s sister, Ingeborg that died two years earlier. Jacob has four daughters between 4 and 9 years.
Jacobia lost three of her children. The two still living, Dorthea (12) and Johanna (13) are working for a living as maids, the youngest at Torsvik and the oldest at Holmen, a part of Spildra.

For how long Jacobia worked as a housekeeper we don’t know, but in 1900 she lived at Åg by her daughter. Dorthea and her son-in-law Bendik bought Mellastua at Ågskardet 20.04. 1884, and it is possible Jacobia moved there about this time. Dorthea and Bendik Anton got nine children before the end of the century, they were certainly in need of a helping hand.

Children of Jacobia Ovedia Johnsen and Amund Johnsen.
1.Johanna Hansine Amundsen, b.1862 at Kildal (Kjeldahl). She emigrated to America, but came back shortly before she died of consumption at Ågskardet in 1892. Unmarried. No children.


Bendik Anton og Dorthea Maria

2. Dorthea Maria Amundsen, b.1863, d. at Åg in 1950. Married to Bendik Anton Pettersen, b.1840 at Røsæg, Beitstad close to Steinkjer. At his confirmation in 1856 Bendik Anton use the surname Petersen Melgaard. He died at Åg in 1921. 13 children.

3. Johannes Amundsen, b. and d. in1865.

4. Anna Josefine Amundsen, b.1867, d.1872.

5. Amund Johan Amundsen, b.1869, d.1871


Grandchildren of Jacobia Ovedia Johnsen and Amund Johnsen.
Children of Dorthea Marie Amundsen and Bendikt Anton Pettersen
1. Adolf Johan Aag,b.1883 at Spildra, d.1952. Married 1. time to Ebba Marie PernilleRasmussen,
b.1895 at Langnes, Rødøy. Died in child-bed in 1918 at Ågskardet. 1 child.
Married 2. time to Marie Edvarda Torset, b.1896, d.1973. 5 children.
2. Petter Angell Aag,b.1885 at Ågskardet, d.1957. Married toEmma Johanna Johnsen, b.1890 at Ågskardet, and died at the same place in 1985. 1 child.
3. Aksel Elias Aag,b.1885 at Ågskardet, d.1961 at Hennepin County, Minneapolis. Married to Sadie Olivia Lund, b.1897 at Elko, Minnesota, d.1981 in Minneapolis. 6 children.
4. Johan Ditløf Aag,b.1888 at Ågskardet, d.1908 in USA of consumption.
5. Signe Marie Aag, b.1890 at Ågskardet, d.1973 at Nordtun nursing home in Meløy. Married to Johan Kristian Norum, b.1875 at Nerstua at Ågskardet, d.1958 at Vågaholmen, Rødøy. 8 children.
6. Alfred Ditlev Aag,b.1892 at Ågskardet, d.1977. Married to Ida Guneva Seines, b.1901 at Langnes.
3 children.
7. Jonas Olai Aag,b.1894 at Ågskardet, d.1912 of consumption.
8. Inga Aag, b.1896, b.1909 of consumption.
9. Simon Johan Aag,b.1898 at Ågskardet, d.1987 in Mo i Rana. Married to Marie AndreaRasmussen, b.1897 at Langnes, Rødøy, d.1988 in Mo i Rana. 4 children.
10. Henry Justin Aag,b.1900 at Ågskardet, d.1980. Married to Inga Falch, b.1905 at Tjongsfjord, Rødøy, d.1967. 1 child.
11. Johanna Jacobi Aag, b.1902, d.1968 at Lensvik. Married to Edvard Martinsen Landrø, b.1896, d.1972. No children.
12. Magda Kanutte Aag,b.1904, d.1990 in Oslo. Married to Hans Kristian Hoel, b.1900 at Eidsvold, d.1943 in Oslo. 2 children.
13. Arnt Angell Aag, b.1908, d.1987 in Oslo. Married to Elsa Victoria Pettersen, b.1913 in Oslo, d.1989 in Oslo. No children.
The next generation is the 31 great grandchildren of Jacobia and Amund. They are born between 1913 and 1945.
New surnames in the family: Norum and Hoel.
The next generation is the 88 great great grandchildren of Jacobia and Amund. They are born between 1939 and 1984.
New surnames in the family: Mathisen, Sleipnes, Maxa, Morrow, Davidson, Kvarv, Iversen, Devle and Eggesvik.
The next generation is the 150 great great great grandchildren of Jacobia and Amund. They are born between 1961 and 2005.
New surnames in the family: Simonsen, Pettersen, Bårdsen, Hansen, Bækvang, Holth, Heide, Arntsen, Risbøl, Sivertsen, Edvardsen, Limstrand, Hennessy, Tronsmoen, Christensen, Wilson, Wagner, Ringwelski, Stingl, Wade, Hoff, Githmark, Ziegler, Nygård, Woie, Evenstad, Sandvær, Paulsen, Sletten, Hagnes, Mogensen, Olsen and Schults.
The next generation is so fare the 52 great great great great grandchildren of Jacobia and Amund. They are born after 1988.
New surnames in the family: Winge, Fjeld, Nordal, McDorman and Engen,
Strange letters:
Æ-æ is pronounced as a in bad, Ø-ø as u in under and Å-å as o in pork.

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