Ole Arntsen Storsh

Ole Arntsen Storsh
1679 – 1760

Ole is the great-great-great-grandfather to our great-great-grandfather John Jacobsen. This is abbreviation from an old protocol of court. You’ll find the hole story in our Family History Book.

April 21. 1704 in the“ Court at Spring” at Æsviken in the Parish of Rødø.


Nils Todal, chaplain at Rødøen, had with Peder Olsen and Peder Christensen sued Ole Arntzen because he had stinged the priest Nils Todal in his arm with a knife the15. Sunday after Trinitatis when he came from the church where he had been conducting the ceremony, – and because he the same day had attacked Mr. Nils with defamation and swearwords.
Ole Arntzen Selvær did not meet. Men of court swore that he was informed in a legal way, and that Ole told them that he did not want to answer, and that he already had been requested to meet in court.
Ole Nilsen Sande witnessed:
When Mr.. Nils came out of the church he went to the house of Simen Olsen. Ole Arntzen also came there and asked if Mr. Nils had a letter from a man in Trondhjem to his father-in-law, Ole Nilsen. Ole Arntzen said he wanted to see the letter, but Mr. Nils answered: You will not have the letter by me, I will bring it to right owner, later you can see it by him.
Then Ole Arntzen started talking about a note from the bailiff about the court the coming fall, and there were said some words that had nothing to do with this issue.
Then Ole Arntzen was angry and tried to attack Mr. Nils.
Mr. Nils asked Ole to be peaceful, but Ole Arntzen again attacked Mr. Nils. Then Ole Nilsen Sande stopped Ole so he could not reach the priest. Then Hans Tostrup said: If you can’t be t peaceful, I’ll throw you out the door.
Then Ole attack Hans and pulled his hair and knocked him down. The people that were in the house had to separate them, and Ole`s servants had to take him outside the house.

Then Ole run down to his boat, fetched a sheath knife and returned to the house. He tried to go in to the house, but the people there stopped him, so he could not come in and succeed in

Illustration: Alvin Jensvold

his evil intentioned. Ole is walking outside the house. Mr. Nils is sitting by the window, and his left arm is lying in the window frame. Ole Arntzen walk to the window and sting the knife first through the glass then through the arm of the priest. The sting is so hard that the knife went through the arm and into the frame.When Mr. Nils found himself wounded like this he went outside to tell Ole what he have done. But Ole ran down to his boat where he sat scolding and swearing. Then Ole Arntzen said: May the Devil take you. You are a bandit and a bandit priest and an offspring from bandits. Then he hoisted the sail and left.

July 8. 1704 in the “Court at Summer” at Vaage in the Parishes of Melø and Rødø.
Christoffer Todal, on behalf of his brother, Nils Todal, again is taking to court Ole Arntzen for the damage he had done, brought to court at Æsviken last April. Ole Arnsen did not meet.
The men that was ordered to inform Ole, Jørgen Rasmussen Sundøen and Jens Andersen Selsøen was called upon. The first witness visited Ole Arntzen at his home and told him that he had to meet at court because of his attack on Mr. Nils. Ole just answered if Mr. Nils had a solicitor, he also wanted to have one.


Christoffer Todal said that his witnesses had to be questioned, because of mortality and large costs.
The court could not deny him that.
The court called upon the witness Simen Olsen Trænen:
Simen left the church and went to his house, Mr. Nils was walking behind him together with Ole Arntsen and all the others. They went to the house to eat together. As they were talking Ole Arnsen was angry and trashed his fist on the table. Then Mr. Nils moved and sat down between the table and the wall. He said to Hans Tostrup: Can I not enjoy peace in your house?

Then Hans said: The one that can’t behave, have to leave.
Then Ole and Hans pulled the hair on each other, and Ole came under on the floor. Someone separated them. Then Ole attacked Hans Tostrup, and pulled his hair, but again they were separated. Then Mr. Nils said to Ole: Remember what way you have been walking today, and let the people enjoy peace.

Ole was then thrown out of the house.
Ole Arntzen came back, but they stopped him so he could not come into the house. Then Ole stinged the knife into the door, even today you can see the cut from his knife. Mr. Nils sat by the window with his arm in the frame. Then Ole knocked the knife through the window and through the arm of Mr. Nils, even today you can see the cut in the frame. Then Mr. Nils saw that blood sprinkle from his arm. Ole then ran to his boat, and Mr. Nils said: You have to let him know that I am wounded.
When the witness had testified Christoffer Todal demanded on behalf of his brother, that as long as Ole Arntzen did not meet, the court case had to be postponed to the court the coming fall. The Ole could not say that it was unfair that he was sentenced in his absence. He also demanded that Ole was ordered to meet at court and receive his verdict, and the court agreed to that.

June 8. 1705 in the “Court at Spring” at Sundø in the Parish of Rødø.

Again Christoffer Todal met at court on behalf on his brother concerning the harm Ole Arntzen had done, when he did cut him in his arm with a knife.
Christoffer Todal put forward on behalf of his brother, his written contribution where he maintained his injury and compensation from Ole Arntzen, and that Ole Arntzen, after the law must be punished for his insult.
The contribution was written by Nils Todal June 8. 1704.

Ole Arntzen did not meet at court this time either, but Hans Christensen Sundø put forward a written contribution dated June 5. 1705 where he confess that he had done the chaplain Nils Todal wrong, and that it happened when he was drunk. In his contribution he ask for forgiveness, and offer to pay for the damage he had done, and that there is nothing wrong to tell about Mr. Nils.

The verdict you can read in the book.

From Lurøyboka 1984

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