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The brothers Einride Oddvar and Halvor Koteng.

We are great-great-grandchildren of Dorothea Michaeline Angel (1812 – 1896) and John Jacobsen (1808 – 1860), great-grandchildren of Sofie Holberg (1844 – 1928)and Johan Jacob Andersen (1837 – 1917), grandchildren of Elvine Andersen (1883 – 1957) and Elias Koteng (1871 – 1951), and children of
Einar Koteng (1906 – 1973) and Olga Amalie Drilsvik (1909 – 2000).
Einride was born 1938, Halvor in1949, both at Bjugn in Sør-Trøndelag. We moved 1951 with our parents, two sisters and two brothers to Korgen in Nordland.
Einride graduated from Mære Landbruksskol (agricultural college) 1958 and from Statens gartnerskole Staup (gardener school) 1961. Military service at the engineering division (1959-60). Matriculated at Norges Landbrukshøgskole (University of Agriculture)1962 and had my masters degree 1965 in nursery management and dendrology. The next two years I worked as a scientific assistant, a secretary and as a teacher. In 1967 I got the job as a consultant at Norsk Planteskolelag (the association of Norwegian nurseries). 1971 I started as the manager of a nursery at Ås, and had that job for ten years. January 1981 I was engaged as the principal at Statens gartner- og blomsterdekoratørskole Vea (gardener school) in Moelv. Pensioner from 2003. Between 1972 and 1997 I was a sensor at the University of Agriculture in the subjects nursery management and dendrology. As a hobby I collect Norwegian stamps, and I love gardening, particularly collecting and cultivating rare bushes and trees. The last years genealogy has been my new hobby.
I am married to Jorunn Straume, born 1946 at Åfarnes, Møre og Romsdal. We have two children; Ann Kristin born 1966 at Ås and Torgeir born 1971 at Ås. We have six grandchildren.
Address: Tånga 638, 451 96 Uddevalla, Sweden – einride@benkestokslekt.no – phone +46522644423
Halvor is a cand.mag. Graduated from Nesna lærerskole (college of teacher’s education) in 1974, Volda lærarhøgskule (college of teacher’s education) in 1975, Statens lærerhøgskole i forming (college of teachers education) at Notodden in 1979 and the University of California, Davis in 1986.
Military service at Andøya flystasjon (air force base) 1975-76. I was a teacher at Hansnes skole in Karlsøy 1976-78, ”potato” at Kotengs Hagesenter (nursery) at Skullerud in Oslo 1979-81, teacher at Ørsvik skole in Rødøy 1981-85 and 1986-94, teacher at Longyearbyen skole at Svalbard (Spitsbergen) 1993-94, manager at Bra-Pro in Lurøy 1994-2000. The period 2000-02 I was granted a leave to build and put into operation Holmestrand Hagesenter (nursery). The summer 2002 I was back as a manager at Bra-Pro, which is a company with 30 employees organized for disabled people.
I am married to Eva Turid Hiller, born 1951 at Selfors in Rana. She is the principal at Aldersund skole. We have two children; Hedda, born 1981 when we lived at Skullerud Gård in Oslo. Ida, born1983 in Oslo, but at that time we had moved to Bratland in Lurøy. We have three grandchildren; Ask, Oda and Birk.
In the summertime we are gardening and during the winter I enjoy myself working with genealogy. I like to read, or best of all listening to a audio book while making sheath-knives.
Halvor past away October 30. 2011

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