Family book

Our goal is to make a hard board book with high quality. This is a non-profit project and even though Dorothea and John have many descendants it is difficult to know if there will be enough “customers”. We don’t know the exact price yet, but hope it will be possible to sell the book for less than $ 100.

The book will be framed like an” hour-glass” with Dorothe and John in the narrow passage. In other words; they are the starting point. We want to find all their descendants as many as possible of their ancestors.

We know much about their forefathers and –mothers, but when it comes to their descendants it’s up to you. Wright a little about occupation, education, hobbies, etc and send pictures. We don’t want this just to be a book of names and numbers.

We hope to wind up this project in about two years, but to reach our target we need help from all the descendants of Dorothea and John. Information from our relatives is crucial for the success of this project. To make it as easy as possible we have made an information form you can answer by e-mail.


If you know, or think you know that you are a part of this branch of the Benkestok Family, we ask you to contact us by this form. If there are questions you can’t, or don’t want to answer, it`s ok. Return the form to: with a copi to


A Family Tree in large format will follow the book, and give an overview of the ancestors of Dorothea og John. For each person it will be refered to the same number in the Book and the Family Tree. This will make it easier to see how people are related, especially when cousins and second cousins are getting married. To keep property in the family many did; five of the great great grandparents to Dorothea and John belonged to the Benkestok Family, and in the Angel- /Blix-families many close related married.

Great historical events will bee marked at the Family Tree.


For this web page we have made a Mini Family Tree that shows how Dorothea and John are related, and how the families Angell, Smør, Soop, Blix etc are a part of the Benkestok Family.



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